Santa Fe, New Mexico                       Minneapolis, Minnesota


Positive, life-affirming work
creating dynamic, joyful change

There are as many ways to learn, heal and grow as there are people.

Talk to me about sessions or classes in:

  • Traditional Thai Massage
  • Usui Reiki & Karuna Reiki
  • Prenatal Massage (Pregnancy Massage)
  • Abdominal Massage & Chi Nei T’sang
  • Deep Distance Healing & Energy Readings
  • Muay Thai Boxing & Fitness classes
  • Creative Writing


First healing sessions are usually rooted in Traditional Thai Massage and Thai Therapies and are typically 2 hours & 15 minutes long. Sessions include a health & wellness intake designed to create the most optimal healing experience for you.

A typical session with Emily is 90 minutes to 3 hours long and includes follow-up on changes taking place and deep work on the entire body. You are encouraged to choose a session length that supports your health goals. Depending on your needs, a session may take place fully clothed on a mat on the floor, or on a massage table, with typical table draping.

Thai energy lines and pressure points are worked using palms, thumbs or other tools, along with passive deep stretching to the body, and compression, rocking and energy work. A session may also include thai herbal balls, organic herbal oils, deep abdominal massage, fire cupping, aroma or herbal therapies, breath work, directed conversation or verbal release techniques aimed at releasing blocks creating pain.

Emily also offers aid in creating home-care programs in support of physical, mental or emotional approaches to better serve your process and is happy to share her vast knowledge and experience with the body in order to help you understand and transform any limitations into strengths.

Please connect with me at:

Aspen Street location near midtown, Santa Fe, New Mexico

NE Minneapolis location in the Twin Cities, Minnesota


Cancellation Policy:

Treatments cancelled within 48 hours of schedule time will be charged at 50% of the treatment cost. Day-of cancellations, or no-shows will be charged at 100% of the treatment cost.

How you can avoid these charges:

Charges will not be made if you request an appointment change within the week around your scheduled time and I can accommodate it.

If you can’t make the appointment, you may also send someone else in your place (just let me know!)

If you run into a childcare situation, you are welcome to bring your children with you to be in the room with you, or the waiting room.

Other exceptions to the charge policy (times when you will not be charged) are:

You or your child/spouse have an infection, communicable illness, injury or other medical situation that would make treatment unhealthful for you (if you are unsure, please ask).

You get into an accident on the way to the appointment

The weather makes it unsafe for one or both of us to travel to the appointment.

There is a death in the family which requires you, personally, to attend to the deceased or family of the deceased during that time.

Positive, life-affirming work creating dynamic, joyful change

First sessions typically take 15-30 minutes longer than the booked time–at no extra cost to you!

Type of session Length of session Price NM Gross Receipts Tax Total Charge For the regulars: For the regulars:
Thai Massage/Table Massage (90 min is minimum length for Thai Massage)     You come in every 4-6 weeks: You come in every 1-3 weeks:
60 min 83.09 6.91 90 85 80
90 min 120.02 9.98 130 122 115
120 min 161.57 13.43 170 160 155
150 min 193.88 16.12 210 195 185
Thai Herbal Everything Massage (herbal balls, herbal oils, fire cupping, deep tissue and stretching)        
90 min 161.57 13.43 175    
120 min 193.88 16.12 210    
Energy work & Life Path work (card readings, Reiki, intuitive healings & one-on-one training)        
90 min 115.41 9.59 125 120 113
120 min 143.10 11.9 155 150 144
Pre-purchase packages: can be shared within a family group. Must be used within 6 months time!!        
6 hours Massage   470.86 39.14 510    
12 hours Massage   886.32 73.68 960    
6 hours Energy   401.62 33.38 435    
12 hours Energy   770.92 64.08 835